Kinjal Doshi

Approved Supervisor

Experienced Clinical Supervisor Offering Tailored Mentorship

As an experienced clinical supervisor, I offer personalized mentorship to support your professional growth and development.


Professional Background

With a PhD in clinical psychology and specialized expertise in health psychology and neuropsychology, I bring over a decade of comprehensive knowledge. My journey as a clinical supervisor began in 2011, marked by formal training that has equipped me with the skills to guide and empower aspiring professionals.


Supervisory Experience

Since 2014, I have been privileged to provide peer supervision and mentor graduate students within local clinical programs. Additionally, I offer supervision tailored to more experienced practitioners, providing a platform for ongoing professional development and refinement of advanced clinical skills. Moreover, I have extensive experience delivering team and organizational group supervision, fostering collaboration and enhancing team dynamics in clinical settings.

Supervision of Supervision

I also offer expert guidance and support for professionals seeking to enhance their skills in providing clinical supervision to others. My mentorship focuses on the nuances of supervisory roles, including fostering a supportive learning environment, managing complex supervisory dynamics, and promoting supervisee growth and development.


Supervision Approach

My supervision approach is tailored to each individual’s developmental needs and rooted in case-based analysis and process-oriented exploration. By facilitating self-reflection and encouraging exploration of biases, values, and therapeutic reactions, I empower supervisees to evolve as competent and compassionate practitioners.


Supervision Techniques

I employ experiential and reflective practices to facilitate deep learning and integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Whether incorporating evidence-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy or navigating complex clinical scenarios, I prioritize a collaborative approach that encourages critical thinking and skill acquisition.

Focus on Development

Integrating research and evidence-based interventions into clinical practice is central to my supervisory philosophy. I guide supervisees in staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field while fostering a deep understanding of the underlying principles driving effective therapeutic interventions.

Differentiating Qualities

My specialized expertise in health psychology, neuropsychology, and general psychology, coupled with personalized mentorship, sets my supervision apart. I tailor my approach, frequency, and focus to align with each supervisee’s unique learning styles and goals, cultivating a transparent, collaborative, and supportive supervisory relationship.